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Natural Hot Spring transparent pool

Swim, jump, relax and eat bbq at this hidden hot spring with transparent water, jumping rope and fishes. It includes transport from Arusha to Boma Ng'ombe, mineral water and bbq or lunch box.

Canoe Tour at Lake Duluti

Welcome to Lake Duluti, a birds paradise and relaxing place to swim, canoeing and have lunch, dinner or just a drink in its soft shores. Lake Duluti covers about 63 hectares and in the middle is about 700 metres deep. It includes guide fees, walking fees, mineal water, lunch, walking stick. Canoeing is available.

Meru Waterfalls

Discover and enjoy this waterfall with water coming down from the second highest mountain in Tanzania. It includes falls fees, mineral water, transport from Arusha to the base mountain Meru, guide fees, half board.

Ndoro Waterfalls

Discover and enjoy this paradisiacal waterfall. It includes falls fees, transport from Arusha to Marangu, at the base mountain Kilimanjaro, guide fees, mineral water, lunch box.